Make Your Windows Look Beautiful With Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the foldable window covers. You can see this in many houses and offices. It is designed to get folded into pleats on pulling a string or chord. It is a window cover that can be easily closed and open and you can choose the color you wish to have.

The mechanism

The blind is basically connected by slats which are placed across the width of the blind. These slats are all connected to the cords through tapes. The cords are threaded together and fixed to a metal or wooden rail. This makes it easy to handle. All these are taken to one corner of the blind and are well connected. It works like a pulley system. All these connections are at the back of the Roman blind and hence you cannot see the slats or cords. As you pull the chord, the slats are forced to come together and hence, the blind will be open and you can see through the window.

Cleaning A Roman Blind

You won’t need to find people to clean your Roman blinds. It is very easy to do it on your own. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Vacuuming: You can vacuum the blinds. Use crevice attachment with your vacuum cleaner to clean inside the folds
  2. Spot cleaning: In case of fabric blonds, use stain removing solution to remove stains, if any. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer properly while doing the same.
  3. Washing: You can even wash your blinds. Use mild detergents. You must remove the detachable parts before washing. If your blind doesn’t tolerate water, steam-clean it.
  4. However, you wash it, make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to choose the fabric

There are a variety of fabrics that can be used to make these blinds. You can use silk, linen, cotton or even synthetic, depending on your need. There is also a huge variety of color and texture available. You can also choose according to the light required. There are also blackout options which make your place completely dark. You can choose and get the fabric that can satisfy all your needs.

Roman blinds are easy to use window covers that can be open and close and also make your place look beautiful. You can use them in any room and on any window. There are many online websites where these are available. You can contact them easily and make your place look stunning.