The Great Female Leads in the Hollywood Movies Now

For the second chapter of Frozen, scheduled for 2019, Elsa could officially declare herself a lesbian. To show us that it is not the only one nor will it be the last, here is a list of superheroes and cartoon characters belonging to the LGBT world.

Lady Oscar

Feeling adequately represented among the protagonists of a comic or between the characters of a cartoon, whether on the big or small screen, has always been the desire of every child and adolescent, is the reason why certain stories impassionate and involve so much. After the last Oscars ceremony, the theme of the importance of representing minorities, sexual orientations, different ethnic groups became more and more felt and the debate became even more heated when Disney, together with Jennifer Lee – director of the second chapter of Frozen – has made it known that Elsa, the heroine creator of Olaf and capable of shaping ice, could officially declare herself a lesbian in the next movie. To respond to those who are astonished at the news as if so far our heroes and favorite characters had always been so drastically heterosexual, it takes a look at the past, from cartoons Disney to manga through superheroes Marvel and DC to reassure everyone that the only record that Elsa can boast will not be to be gay but to be the first princess to declare it “officially”. Here are the undeclared LGBT characters in comics and cartoons. Now that you can watch free movies online the options are really big for you now. (more…)